By Cy Wood | August 22, 2012

We’re getting very close to Dig IN. Can you smell the aroma of the food, or the nose of the wine yet? We’ve focused a lot on some of the chefs and brewers that will be the core of the event, but what about the wine? The wineries participating in Dig IN has been on the site for weeks, but it’s also important to feature some of the great wines that come from our state.

Like the majority of the “local” movement, the wine industry in Indiana is flourishing. More wineries are opening every year, and this growth is continuing. Producing wine styles all over the board, from dry reds to whites to sweet fruit wines, the demand for wine in our own state is causing the industry to continue prospering.

Supporting the Indiana wine industry is the Indiana Wine Grape Council. A team of four wine and grape experts based at Purdue University, they help wine makers and grape growers in the state create better wines, and grow better grapes. They also help in marketing the Indiana Wine Trail. “In Indiana, we have a very ‘drink-what-you-like’ kind of industry,” says Jeanette Merritt, the Marketing Director for the Indiana Wine Grape Council. “We don’t only promote the dry red wines. Indiana wineries make great wines all across the spectrum. This mentality is the best-case scenario for the industry. The demand for good, in-state wine is extremely high.” Two-thirds of Indiana wineries have their own vineyards, and Indiana has a total of roughly 600 acres dedicated to growing grapes. “We’re always looking for ways to grow more vineyards to help meet demand,” she says.

One of the wineries featured at Dig IN will be Winzerwald Winery, in Bristow, Indiana. Winzerwald is unique in that the majority of its wines are in the tradition of German and Swiss style wines, making them particularly food friendly. Donna Adams, co-owner of Winzerwald, says that while obviously requiring a lot of work, wineries are very important to the state of Indiana. “There’s so much involved in running a winery. Every winery is involved in agriculture, business, the economy, tourism… there are just so many aspects that a winery has an effect on. It’s an important part of our state’s well-being and culture.”

Come pair a glass of Winzerwald wine, or wine from any other local Indiana winery, with a dish from a great Indiana chef this Sunday at Dig IN! Tickets are still on sale!