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A Note From The Board

Dig IN was founded over eight years ago to help connect local farmers, chefs, and consumers to the “farm to fork” movement. This has proven to be an important economic driver to Indiana and our mission remains the same. Dig IN has connected more than 100,000 individuals to the local independent businesses and farming communities that […]

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Vendors and Dishes for Taste of Indiana 2016

We cannot wait to see all of you on Sunday! The dishes for Taste of Indiana are below and the number next to the restaurant name indicates the tent number. 5280 BISTRO 3 Duck, Duck, Mousse Three Ways Chef: Joseph Hsu Farm: Maple Leaf Farms ARTISAN FOODWORKS 4 Cantonese Duck Taco Chef: Alexa Lemley Farm: […]

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By Libby Simmons, August 23, 2016 Hoosiers from all over the state will be in Indy this weekend to experience 40 dishes from the best chefs and culinary ninjas that Indiana has to offer. In preparation for the festivities this Sunday, we have compiled a few tips on how to conquer Taste of Indiana like a […]


Why Taste of Indiana Matters

By Libby Simmons, August 17, 2016 With less than two weeks until Dig IN’s annual Taste of Indiana, I spoke with Dig IN co-founder Annie Schmelzer and Napolese Chef Tyler Herald to discuss what Taste of Indiana means to them. It is much more than a one-day food festival: Dig IN’s mission is to educate […]


Beekeeping in Indiana

By Libby Simmons, August 9, 2016 I recently spoke with a friend, Stephanie, from college about her beekeeping hobby. She is a wife, mother, successful businesswoman, and now a part-time beekeeper. While patience is a virtue when it comes to beekeeping, the results (a whole lot of honey!) make it worthwhile. How long did the […]

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21st Annual Indiana Microbrewer’s Festival

This past Saturday, the Indiana Brewers Guild hosted the 21st Annual Indiana Microbrewer’s Festival in Military Park. The event featured hundreds of varieties of beer and supported the Indiana brewing community.  The list of participants was vast and there was a pale ale, hefeweizen, stout, blonde, amber, and wheat for every palate. We were happy to serve as a Keg […]


i3: Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine 2016

A few weeks ago we held the second annual Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine (i3) at the Madame Walker Theatre. Fifteen teams, composed of a chef, a bartender, and an artist, were assigned a landmark located along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail to use as their inspiration for a dish, a cocktail, and work of art. While Dig IN […]

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