A filling sloppy joe from Leah Beyer at Beyer Beware

by Rob Gaston, January 16, 2015

As a reminder, our #INSeason program is teaching consumers what options you have to buy Indiana grown ingredients all year long. We’re providing facts, recipes, shopping tips, as well as chef recommendations on how to use and prepare these seasonal Hoosier foods. During the dark and chilly winter months, we’re talking Indiana beef to fortify you and your family. Here’s a few facts provided to us by the Indiana Beef Council about the US and Indiana production of beef:

Average producer age:  58.3, up 1.2 years since 2007 (USDA 2012 Ag Census)

U.S. beef production (commercial carcass weight) was 25.8 billion pounds.

The total U.S. beef consumed was 25.5 billion pounds.

Average annual U.S. retail Choice beef price in 2013 was $5.29/lb.

U.S. commercial slaughter total was 31.9 million head

Indiana ranks 33rd with 870,000 head

Average Indiana herd is 17 head

We love our Indiana food bloggers, who have been so gracious to contribute recipes every month for our #INSeason ingredient. Here is a roundup of beef recipes from some of our partners:

  • This Cheeseburger Chowder from Basilmomma sounds hearty and delicious!
  • To warm your soul try this ethnic influenced dish featuring slow cooked corned beef from Solid Gold Eats.
  • From Sara by the Season, this crock pot beef roast does indeed sound easy yet tasty.
  • From Dig IN board member and “mother running on empty” Leah Beyer, the classic sloppy joes for a crowd from Beyer Beware.

And if any of these don’t suit your fancy, there are plenty of other beef recipes on these blogs to try out, just make sure you buy some Indiana beef!