Dig IN, Inc Board of Directors

Job Description

Dig IN, Inc is a 501(c)3 dedicated to the promotion of Indiana food, beverage, and agriculture. Fore more information, please visit www.digindiana.org, or check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

Board of Directors Role:

A member of the board of directors of Dig IN will provide leadership and governance of the non-profit.


  • Board members must attend all quarterly business meetings, which will be announced at the annual meeting in February.
  • Board members should participate in their committee via monthly meetings, email, or other method as determined by the committee.
  • Attendance at the organization’s signature event, the Taste of Indiana, and one other event throughout the year.


  • Advising the President of the Board and Executive Director on implementation of the mission and objectives.
  • Approving the annual budget, treasury reports, and fiduciary decisions as required in the by-laws.
  • Reviewing outcomes, metrics, and deliverables designed by the board to achieve the mission, and helping to assess outcomes in relation to the mission. 
  • Assist in the recruitment of new board members and staff.
  • Ensuring that Dig IN meets the needs and represents the community that it is designed to serve.


  • Dig IN relies on grants, donations, and sponsorships, and expects to report that 100% of the board makes annual contributions. Board members of Dig IN, Inc should consider the organization a priority and make contributions appropriate to their individual capacity.
  • Board members should recommend grants and funding opportunities that are relevant to the mission of Dig IN.
  • Board members should connect Dig IN to potential donors and participate in fundraising events and activities.


The Taste of Indiana is known as the state’s signature event promoting the food, beverage, and agriculture of Indiana. Membership on the board of directors is an outstanding opportunity to further connect, promote, and be involved in the farm to fork community that is growing in Indiana. Board members of Dig IN are connected to Indiana food, beverage, and agriculture, or have community or business connections that serve those interests.

Ideal candidates will have the following:

  • Professional experience in a business, organization, philanthropy or nonprofit.
  • A passion and understanding of the Dig IN mission
  • The capacity to attend functions and contribute to the organization.
  • Diplomacy, tact, and an affinity for cultivating relationships and building consensus among diverse individuals.


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