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i3: Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine. Again!

by Libby Simmons, May 18, 2016 The second annual Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine (i3) event will be held June 26 at the Madame Walker Theatre. The event draws together a local chef, bartender, and artist who create—respectively—a dish, cocktail, and piece of artwork inspired by a particular Indiana landmark. Last year’s inaugural event featured the following landmarks: Angel […]

A Fresh Experience: Dig IN

Did you Dig-IN this weekend? We did!!! Join Alex as she visits White River State Park at the 3rd annual Dig-IN event. Piazza Produce ( is a proud sponsor of this event which was held on Sunday, August 26th. In this special edition of “A Fresh Experience”, watch as Alex enjoys dishes made by local […]

Big Car’s Dig IN Recap

Creativity part of the flavor at Dig-IN from Big Car on Vimeo. As an official partner, Big Car artists brought the Fare Share project to Dig-IN ( on Aug. 26 at White River State Park — collecting food stories, memories, and thoughts (I really love, I remember, I can make, I want) on paper plates. […]


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Oakley’s Bistro, DigIN Watch the video here to get an insight to the dish Steven Oakley of OAKLEYS Bistro is creating this Sunday for Dig IN! Tickets are moving fast, so get yours today!

A Growing Indy Wine Scene

By Cy Wood | August 22, 2012 We’re getting very close to Dig IN. Can you smell the aroma of the food, or the nose of the wine yet? We’ve focused a lot on some of the chefs and brewers that will be the core of the event, but what about the wine? The wineries […]

Dig IN Speaker Schedule

We’ve announced our Dig IN Speaker Series Schedule. Check the times and talks below so you grab some tastings and pull up a chair to here some interesting words!  

Dishes at Dig IN 2012

We’ve announced the dishes served at this year’s Dig IN – A Taste of Indiana! All of these dishes included locally sourced ingredients from farmers and producers all over Indiana. More details about our chefs are available here. Tickets are just $30 until August 19th, so get yours today! Click the headers to sort […]

History of the hops

History of the hops: 125-year brewery count By Sara Croft | August 9, 2012   If I told you there were around 2,000 independent U.S. breweries in the year 1890, would you believe me? The Brewers Association, a 70-year-old organization devoted to protecting and advocating for the beer industry, has recently released a mid-year report […]

Dig IN Indiana Wineries

We are excited to announce our winery line-up for the 2012 Dig IN – A Taste of Indiana festival at White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis! The vitners you will be able to taste wines and purchase glasses & bottles from are: Rick and Kathy Black from Wildcat Creek Winery, Lafayette Berretta and Wilbert […]

Indiana Family of Farmers

By Scott Blanton | August 7, 2012 Buffalo, perch and duck likely aren’t in your refrigerator, but Indiana farmers are using their time and passion to raise these animals for our consumption. There is a family in Indiana that lives on our back roads in rural homes—a family we don’t always see, but we all […]

Dig IN Gastronaut Contest

Introducing the #DigIN12 Gastronaut Twitter Contest Who’s ready to tweet and eat (and drink and listen to music and learn more about local food)? On Sunday, August 26, Indiana growers will make their way to White River State Park to showcase their high quality, locally produced products, and remind Hoosiers there is much more than […]

Dig IN Indiana Breweries

We are excited to announce our brewery line-up for the 2012 Dig IN – A Taste of Indiana festival at White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis! The breweries you will be able to sample beers and purchase pints from are: Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis Brugge Brasserie, Broad Ripple Black Swan Brewpub, Plainfield Upland Brewing […]

Indiana Craft Beer

By Cy Wood | July 30, 2012 To celebrate Hoosier food and drink, of course Dig IN includes Indiana craft beer brewers at the table. Fewer and fewer Hoosiers still believe the best beer comes in bottles with mountains that turn blue when the brew is cold enough to drink. That’s because in the last […]

Indiana Artisan at Dig IN!

By Scott Blanton | July 19, 2012 Who doesn’t love a good marshmallow? Or some fresh maple syrup? In the Hoosier state, food artisans are coming up with some great new recipes for some old fashioned foods, and they’re making those treats we all loved as kids. While many think of tenderloins or sweet corn […]

Central Indiana Food Hub

By Scott Blanton   |   July 11, 2012 While eating great Hoosier food and drinking great Hoosier wines and beer are one of the best ways to spend an afternoon, there’s more to Dig IN than just eating and drinking.  The event is a celebration of Indiana’s food and farmers. To underscore the cultural […]

Slow Food Indy

  By Scott Blanton   |   July 6, 2012 Dig IN is a celebration of good, fresh and fairly produced Hoosier foods. It so happens that Slow Food Indy, one of the many chapters of Slow Food USA, is founded on the philosophy of good, clean and fair food, and Slow Food Indy will […]

Our Indiana Pride

  By Neal Brown   |   July 3, 2012 Five years ago, when the Indianapolis Food Revolution was starting to gain tangible traction, I was fortunate to witness a transformation. That transformation came from Berkeley, California, via the Indianapolis Museum of Art, when they asked Alice Waters to speak on what it means to […]

New to Dig IN

  By Cy Wood   |   June 20, 2012 You’ve probably seen the pictures of farmers in newspapers every fall standing next to gargantuan pumpkins and other massive vegetables. One of the joys of being a farmer is getting to watch your plants grow from sprouts into the food-bearing vines that we love so […]

A Variety of Indiana Foods

By Cy Wood   |   June 20, 2012 There is a fair amount of talk about Indiana as “nothing but cornfields.” Of course, we Hoosiers are proud of the corn we produce, and there’s nothing wrong about being known for our sweet corn. But there’s a lot more to Indiana and our food than […]

Farm to Fork In Indiana

By Ryan Brock   |   June 13, 2012 Muncie. Terre Haute. Evansville. South Bend. Indianapolis. When someone asks a Hoosier where they grew up, chances are pretty good that they’ll say “outside of” one of these towns. These are the places that make up Indiana, the familiar neighborhoods we think of when we think […]

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