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i3: Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine. Again!

by Libby Simmons, May 18, 2016 The second annual Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine (i3) event will be held June 26 at the Madame Walker Theatre. The event draws together a local chef, bartender, and artist who create—respectively—a dish, cocktail, and piece of artwork inspired by a particular Indiana landmark. Last year’s inaugural event featured the following landmarks: Angel […]

‘Dig IN’ Year Round!

‘Dig IN’ Year Round! By Rob Gaston | December 2, 2013 Even before Dig IN 2013 was over, the board of directors conducted discussions about how to evolve as an organization. One of the primary functions of Dig IN is to connect chefs and restaurants with farmers and producers of Indiana food. So, on October […]

Grapes Grown Here

  Indiana Wines Make a Great ‘Drink Local’ Choice By Ryan Puckett | August 24, 2013 Here are some things you might already know about Indiana: It was admitted to the United States as the 19th state in 1816. The state bird is the cardinal. “On the Banks of the Wabash” is the official state […]

Focus: Tyner Pond Farm

  Digging IN with Chris Baggott of Tyner Pond Farm By Ryan Puckett | August 23, 2013 One thing most people don’t know about Dig IN is that the festival IS NOT a fundraiser. Rather, Dig Indiana (the not-for-profit that puts on Dig IN) raises money to put on the festival. This wouldn’t be possible […]

Dig IN Survival Guide

  The Dig IN 2013 Survival Guide By Ryan Puckett | August 22, 2013 We’re looking forward to seeing everybody at Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana at White River State Park on Sunday, Aug. 25 beginning at noon (11 a.m. for VIP and Early Entry ticketholders). Prepare to indulge in the tastes of Indiana, […]

Enhancing the Experience

  Enhancing the Dig IN Experience By Craig “Dodge” Lile | August 21, 2013 Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana is such a wonderful event for our culturally advancing city, and we all need to remember that. It’s a day to slow down and savor not only the food but also the fellowship. Putting on […]

Sweet on Indiana Honey

My Indiana Food Memory: Indiana Honey By Rocky Walls | August 20, 2013 Pork tenderloins, corn on the cob, and honey! Wait, honey? Okay fine, so Indiana isn’t known for honey. In fact, honey is produced in every state in the U.S. and the top producing states are North and South Dakota – you knew […]

Affinity for Indiana Corn

  My Indiana Food Memory: Indiana Corn By Sara Croft | August 19, 2013 I grew up amidst the cornfields of Vigo County. The height of the stalks marked the beginning and end of summer. Seeing them everyday was a reminder of the recess from school and responsibilities. Even though those responsibilities now involve work […]

BFFs: Food and Beer

  A Beer Lover’s Guide to Dig IN By Jason Lee | August 18, 2013 I have to admit, I may be a little partial to beer. Ok, I’m very partial. I like wine, but in my opinion, beer is where it’s at! Every year Dig IN showcases some of the finest local food and […]

A Dig IN Upgrade

Can We Interest You in an UPGRADE? August 16, 2013 If you have yet to pick up a ticket for Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana on August 25 at White River State Park, we have to ask: What’s holding you back? Is it the thought of celebrating Indiana’s rich agricultural heritage with a farm-to-fork […]

Dig IN & Uncork

  Dig IN & Uncork By Carla Jo Truex | August 15, 2013 Two things you need to know: Indiana makes world-renowned wine and I usually only get two glasses of vino out of one bottle. One is truth and the other a personal theory. You might be like me and have some questions about […]

Dig IN Gives Me Wings

  Dig IN Gives Me Wings By Meggie Dials | August 14, 2013 I am not a foodie. In fact, most of the time, I prefer to eat off the children’s menu at restaurants based on my unsophisticated palate. I grew up on Ortega Taco Nights, pizza casserole and tuna pasta. Sometimes, I go weeks […]

Hoosier Inspiration

  Hoosier INspiration By Sonja Overhiser | August 13, 2013 When I moved to Indiana, the last thing I cared about was food. Little did I know, my new home state would be integral in teaching me more than I ever dreamed about cooking, eating and community. Fresh out of college, my food vocabulary was […]

Formerly a Pork-a-Phobe

Confessions of a Gastronaut By Erin Day | August 12, 2013 I have a confession to make: I used to be a pork-a-phobe. Yes, one of the time-honored, classic Hoosier meats was not my favorite for a long time. Ok, I have always loved bacon, but for a long time, I had a distinct distaste […]

My Best Bite at Dig IN

  My Best Bite at Dig IN By Heather Tallman | August 9, 2013 Growing up I was not the most adventurous eater. Sure, I ate what my parents cooked and I rarely turned my nose up when served. Fast forward to my adult years and I can count on one hand the things I […]

Little Indiana Digs IN

Little Indiana Digs IN By Jessica Nunemaker | August 8, 2013  Hoosiers are known for a great, good love of home-style food, right? We pride ourselves on our farmers market produce. Our dinner tables fairly groan with staples like sweet corn, potatoes, and possibly gravy-covered anything. But did you know you can also fit “gourmet” […]

Gastronaut Confessional

Confessions of a Gastronaut By Andy Huston | August 7, 2013 When I watch Top Chef, two things happen. I get really hungry and then I get extremely envious of the guests as they eat all of that incredible food. Think about it, all that mouth-watering food. I can picture myself at the table tasting […]

Dig IN Gastronaut Contest

Announcing the #DigIN 2013 Gastronaut Twitter Contest Who’s ready to tweet and eat (and drink and listen to music and learn more about local food)? On Sunday, August 25, Indiana’s agricultural and culinary experts will make their way to White River State Park to lead guests on a journey from field to tabletop. The fourth […]

Farm to Pint: Indiana Beer

Farm to Pint: Beer at Dig IN By Sara Croft | August 2, 2013 Do you have one of the coveted Dig IN pint glasses? My cabinet has two from each year of the event, and every time I grab one at home to fill with local Indiana beer I reminisce about the beer tent […]

My Indiana Food Memory

My Indiana Food Memory: The Homegrown Indiana Tomato By Ryan Puckett | August 1, 2013 “There’s nothing like a homegrown Indiana tomato.” At least that’s what my dad has been telling me since I was a kid. Growing up, I didn’t like tomatoes. While Jimmy Buffet ordered his paradise-inspired cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato, Heinz 57 and […]

What’s new with Dig IN?

By Ryan Puckett | July 18, 2013 Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana will once again celebrate the farm-to-fork experience on Sunday, August 25 at White River State Park. As Dig IN prepares for its fourth year, the event is still evolving, which may prompt one to ask, “What’s new at Dig IN this year?” […]

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