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The End of Farmers Market Season-or is it?

by Rob Gaston, October 27th, 2016 While we have had some unseasonably warm days lately, it’s getting colder outside and consequently the season for outdoor farmers markets is wrapping up. But does that mean you can’t buy food from local producers for the rest of the year? It certainly doesn’t! In this post we’ll tell […]

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By Libby Simmons, August 23, 2016 Hoosiers from all over the state will be in Indy this weekend to experience 40 dishes from the best chefs and culinary ninjas that Indiana has to offer. In preparation for the festivities this Sunday, we have compiled a few tips on how to conquer Taste of Indiana like a […]


Why Taste of Indiana Matters

By Libby Simmons, August 17, 2016 With less than two weeks until Dig IN’s annual Taste of Indiana, I spoke with Dig IN co-founder Annie Schmelzer and Napolese Chef Tyler Herald to discuss what Taste of Indiana means to them. It is much more than a one-day food festival: Dig IN’s mission is to educate […]

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21st Annual Indiana Microbrewer’s Festival

This past Saturday, the Indiana Brewers Guild hosted the 21st Annual Indiana Microbrewer’s Festival in Military Park. The event featured hundreds of varieties of beer and supported the Indiana brewing community.  The list of participants was vast and there was a pale ale, hefeweizen, stout, blonde, amber, and wheat for every palate. We were happy to serve as a Keg […]

Food Vending at Taste of Indiana

by Rob Gaston, May 26, 2016 For a quick look at what the Taste of Indiana experience is like, check out this video. Dig IN, a Taste of Indiana is different from other festivals for many reasons. First, it’s not a charity event or fundraiser. The mission and purpose of the event is to promote Indiana food, beverage, and […]


Prepare to Givelify!

by Rob Gaston, April 12th, 2016 Hopefully you’ve heard all about our Munch Madness event, are planning to come, and have bought your tickets! If you haven’t, make sure to reserve your spot now! The next thing you’ll want to do is install the app Givelify on your phone. At Munch Madness the chefs will […]


New Farmers Markets

  by Rob Gaston, December 11th, 2015 We mentioned it last month, and now the Broad Ripple Winter Market is officially underway. Among the eighteen vendors that are currently listed on the website, there is plenty of variety meaning you can pick up fresh veggies, meats, cheeses, and even prepared goods like breads and pastries, […]


Shoefly Public House

by Rob Gaston, November 24, 2015 When Craig Mariutto was the corporate chef of a restaurant group in Las Vegas, he offered a free Thanksgiving meal to loyal customers as well as employees and their families. The restaurant group consisted of 5 units which were gaming operations, meaning an eatery with an extended bar area and […]

Board Member Job Description

Dig IN, Inc Board of Directors Job Description Dig IN, Inc is a 501(c)3 dedicated to the promotion of Indiana food, beverage, and agriculture. Fore more information, please visit, or check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. Board of Directors Role: A member of the board of directors of Dig IN will provide […]


A Local Halloween?

By Rob Gaston, October 28th, 2015 Too old to trick or treat? Want to do something fun this weekend but not into haunted houses? We were scared you might not have plans for the weekend, so here’s a roundup of three cool new events this Halloween. Brains, Hearts, and other Parts – A Halloween Offal […]

Terms of Participation

Event Date: Sunday, August 28th, 2016 Event Time: 11am-4pm, load in between 7am and 10am Location: Historic Military Park, Downtown Indianapolis The Taste of Indiana event is NOT A FUNDRAISER. The festival serves as a promotion of restaurants who use local ingredients, as well as value added producers, breweries, and wineries that operate within the state […]

Hearty Green Recipes

By Haley Sorenson April 16, 2015 It is so easy to take Indiana greens and make just about anything! Here are a few things that some of the Indiana bloggers are cooking up! Basil Momma made this Spinach Feta Dip a few weeks ago, and it looks like the  perfect, healthy snack for any day. If […]

Milk Pails

Love for Indiana Dairy this February

by Rob Gaston, February 5th, 2015 The days are getting longer again, hopefully also starting to get warmer little by little, but the time of hearty greens and asparagus poking up out of the ground is still a ways off. As you know, for our #INSeason campaign of fresh Indiana goods, we’ve talked about poultry in […]

Karen Mangia

Persimmon Tortellini with Apples in Brown Butter

By Karen Mangia, November 25th, 2014 The humble persimmon is nature’s greatest practical food joke in the making.  Persimmons look beautiful hanging from trees, and many an unsuspecting guest to Hoosier farms has been lured into plucking one and taking a big bite, only to pucker in disgust.  It stands to reason that fruit can […]

The Ultimate Guide to Taste of Indiana

By: Meggie Dials, August 7, 2014 @meggiehd Failing to plan, means planning to fail. With A Taste of Indiana less than two weeks away, it’s time to get serious. First, buy your tickets. If you missed your chance at VIP, which is sold out, it’s because you didn’t plan. Fret not, my dear foodies…. General […]

July is for Tomatoes

By: Taylor Imus, July 23, 2014 Did you know, Indiana has consistently remained a national-leader in canned tomato production? Did you also know that it’s estimated that 95% of all tomatoes grown by family farmers in Indiana are destined to become Red Gold products? Whether it’s the fresh-picked backyard variety or Hoosier-grown out of a […]


Panzanella with Cherry Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

By: a Couple Cooks Summer always seems to slip away, doesn’t it? July is halfway gone, and we feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of our summer checklist. Trip to beach in Michigan? Berry picking at a local farm? Guess it will wait until next year. Luckily we have another few months of tomato […]

Dig IN Seasonally: Pork!

By Rob Gaston, April 21, 2014 When people are asked what food they associate with Indiana, there are no quick or obvious answers.  While Hoosiers may tell you “pork tenderloin”, others think there’s just corn in Indiana.  Restaurants that regularly use local foods are now working together to feature Indiana ingredients that are seasonal and […]

‘Dig IN’ Year Round!

‘Dig IN’ Year Round! By Rob Gaston | December 2, 2013 Even before Dig IN 2013 was over, the board of directors conducted discussions about how to evolve as an organization. One of the primary functions of Dig IN is to connect chefs and restaurants with farmers and producers of Indiana food. So, on October […]

Hoosier Inspiration

  Hoosier INspiration By Sonja Overhiser | August 13, 2013 When I moved to Indiana, the last thing I cared about was food. Little did I know, my new home state would be integral in teaching me more than I ever dreamed about cooking, eating and community. Fresh out of college, my food vocabulary was […]

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