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Dig IN & Uncork

By Carla Jo Truex | August 15, 2013

Two things you need to know: Indiana makes world-renowned wine and I usually only get two glasses of vino out of one bottle. One is truth and the other a personal theory.

You might be like me and have some questions about Indiana wines. I sat down with a bottle of Oliver Winery’s Creekbend Pinot Grigio to uncork some answers.

I don’t know what kind of wine I like.
GOOD! There will be 10 Indiana wineries serving one-ounce tastings at Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana on August 25 at White River State Park. There will be a variety of wine styles including dry red, dry white, semi-dry, semi-sweet, fruit, dessert, and mead. Don’t be afraid to try them all! Maybe you will discover a new favorite, or if you are like me, two or three.

Don’t you have to swirl the wine and let it “breathe”?
I don’t like to swirl, it increases the chances of spilling. But don’t worry, if you want to know how to “open the bouquet of a Pinot Noir,” the wine makers can show you. Think of them as your taste bud’s Sherpa. They don’t expect you to know everything and will cheerfully help as you explore.

Indiana makes good wines?
Yes, and lots of it! Indianapolis’ very own Easley Winery won Double Gold at this year’s INDY International Wine Competition for its Traminette.  Don’t believe me? Purchase your ticket to try wine and mead from Oliver Winery, Easley Winery, Mystique Winery, Pepper’s Ridge Winery, Madison County Winery, New Day Meadery, Rettig Hill Winery, Whyte Horse Winery, Satek Winery, and Salt Creek.  

But I like craft beer.
Me too! It’s okay – the brewers won’t hunt you down at the event and make you declare allegiance to the hops. But if you are nervous about pounding grape, try New Day Meadery. They specialize in handcrafted cider and honey wines.

Hope this helped, and remember Dig IN is all about indulging in the tastes of Indiana.

Carla Jo Truex is a Hoosier-raised gal who likes wine, craft beer, coloring and napping. She works as a marketing director during the week but fills her weekends with trips to the farmers market and leisurely bike rides around SoBro. Follow her on Twitter @carlajo.

Tickets for Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana are available now. Get yours here!