2015 festival will feature culinary throw-down featuring sous chefs

Dig IN chef competition

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Ivy Tech Community College Chefs’ Competition at this year’s festival. It’s a pretty unique opportunity to experience a culinary throw-down between the best sous chefs in the city.

Watch them show off their skills in the kitchen and their ability to think quickly—creating dishes worthy of the judges’ critiques.

The chefs will each have thirty minutes to assemble a dish for the judges. They have access to a pantry of some of the finest local produce, as well as a mystery basket consisting of a local protein to use in the dish. The tournament-style competition will consist of four rounds taking place in the Ivy Tech Community College Tent behind the pump house.

All of this is made possible by Ivy Tech Community College, as well as Green Bean Delivery and Zesco.

I caught up with some of the key planners and organizers of the competition and asked them the same questions. Check it out.

Thom England, Culinary Program Coordinator at Ivy Tech Community College & Dig IN Executive Director

Why is the chefs’ competition important?
The competition is with contestants that are the next best chefs in the state. This allows people to see what is coming in the future.

How is it possible?
It is made possible with the coordination of Indy on Deck and Chefs’ Night Off. These guys have worked hard to make it happen. Sponsors like Ivy Tech Community College, Green Bean Delivery and Zesco have stepped up to provide everything needed.

What can people expect?
The competition will have 3 sous chefs competing in each round. They will have a mystery basket that includes 3 items all chefs have to use. They will have 30 minutes to cook. Then judges will taste food and announce the winners.

Grant Michael, Indy On Deck

Why is it important?
Understanding where one’s food comes from doesn’t stop at the location of the farm. The restaurants that participate in Dig IN have made a commitment to supporting other local small businesses. The chefs and sous chefs at the helm of their kitchens take the responsibility of creatively preparing the products very seriously.

As a guest, you typically don’t get to watch the thought process of creating a dish in real-time—let alone meeting the cooks behind the scenes who live to make your meal memorable. That’s what makes Chefs’ Night Off Indy, Indianapolis On Deck and Dig IN so special. They draw back the curtain and allow you to directly interact with the people behind the scenes.

How is it possible?
We chose sous chefs for this competition who play a big part in making some of the best restaurants in the state as great as they are. They were all happy to come and play with some great product. It’s a chance for them to show off a bit and have some fun with their peers outside of the kitchens they spend 60-80 hours a week working in.

What can people expect?
People can expect to see some of Indy’s best cooks —who don’t often have a chance to be in the limelight—compete against their peers in a creative, hands-on way. You will hear from some of the farmers who cultivate the meat and produce being used. At the end of the day, it’s a handful of great cooks doing what they love and you get a front seat to the show.

RJ Wall, Founder of Chefs’ Night Off

Why is it important?
I don’t think the competition is important. I think it’s fun. In an effort to forge stronger networks in the local food scene events like this are critical. We’re not saving lives. It’s food. Let’s have fun with it.

How is it possible?
How is it possible? Have you ever watched the Insane Clown Posse’s video for “Miracles”? Anything is possible.

What can people expect?
The guest should expect blood and guts, shit-talking, young chefs giving their all to impress the judges and the chefs they work for.

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