‘Dig IN’ Year Round!

By Rob Gaston | December 2, 2013

Even before Dig IN 2013 was over, the board of directors conducted discussions about how to evolve as an organization. One of the primary functions of Dig IN is to connect chefs and restaurants with farmers and producers of Indiana food. So, on October 27th, vendors and contributors to the event were invited to “dig in” at a reception on Weaver’s Produce farm in Needham, IN. While we evaluated our farm to fork event in August, we also engaged in a conversation about what is most needed to encourage better connections between Indiana agriculture and culinarians. As a result, the Dig IN organization will continue to find ways to help both restaurants and farms market themselves, and strive to improve the distribution of local product within the Hoosier state, all while continuing the improvements of the past four years to our late August festival.

Dig IN also exists to provide support and networking to Indiana food businesses, and as such partnered with the firm of Wooden & McLaughlin, LLP, in order to pull off the reception. The firm graciously supported this “after party”, and has a practice group dedicated to issues faced by restaurants and the hospitality industry. We also are grateful to the Weaver family for providing their beautiful farm on what turned out to be a gorgeous day. Amazingly, the family still holds the original deed to the land, signed on sheepskin over two centuries ago by John Adams.

Those present at that day on the farm expressed a desire for Dig IN to continue helping build a farm to fork network. Chefs and farmers both work hard and often, and chances to gather, celebrate, and connect are rare. While our organization is willing and able to help the industry in this way, as a consumer you might wonder what’s in store for you! In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve already held our first smaller event for the public, and will have many more in the coming year. But for more on that, stay tuned for our next post!