We’ve announced the dishes served at this year’s Dig IN – A Taste of Indiana! All of these dishes included locally sourced ingredients from farmers and producers all over Indiana. More details about our chefs are available here. Tickets are just $30 until August 19th, so get yours today!


Click the headers to sort by Chef, Restaurant, City, Dish Type & Description:


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Chef,Restaurant,City,Dish Type,Dish Description
JJ Boston ,JJ’s Big Green Bistro,Indianapolis,Meat,Sweet Cheeks
Tyler Herald,Napolese,Indianapolis,Vegetarian ,Unlimited Tomato Caprese
Greg Schiesser,Indiana Downs,Greenwood,Meat,Hoosier Momma Margarita Duck or Pork
Alan Sternberg ,Albatross Grille,Carmel,Meat, Duck Prosciutto with honey ricotta and persimmon peach gastrique
Joseph Hewett ,The Indigo Duck,Franklin,Meat ,Sunking Braised Duck Fried Pie with Blueberry BBQ Sauce & Charred Sweet Corn Salad
Ron Orebaugh ,Grand Grilling (catering),Muncie,Meat,Grand Grilling’s Pulled Pork BBQ
Regina Mehallick,R bistro,Indianapolis,Meat,Chilled peach soup with smoked duck salad
Valerie Vanderpool,Zest! Exciting Food Creations,Indianapolis,Vegetarian,House Made Ricotta with Peach & White Corn Puree finished with Twisted Sistaz Popcorn (made exclusively for us by Just Pop In)
Robert Justin Cowan,Served,Indianapolis,Meat,Duck confit slider or quesadilla
Cindy Hawkins,Circle City Sweets,Indianapolis,Dessert,Caramels Nougat and Pate de Fruit candies
Sam Brown,Second Helpings,Indianapolis,Dessert/Vegetarian,Strawberry and Banana Soup
Luke Trinosky,The Chef’s Academy,Indianapolis,Meat,Carolina Pulled Pork on Creamy Vegetable Salad
Nicholas Carter,Black Swan Brewpub,Plainfield,Meat,BS Signature Reuben
Steven J. Oakley,Oakley’s Bistro,Indianapolis,Meat,Lamb “Adobo” Lettuce Wrap
Aaron Butts,Joseph Decuis,Roanoke,Meat,Wagyu Tongue & Cheek Tacos
Mark Cox & Chef Josh Henson,Fermenti Artisan,Indianapolis,Meat ,Fermented garden kraut with Capriole Farms Old Kentucky Tomme
Jeff Ford,J. Ford’s Black Angus,Terre Haute,Meat, Slow Smoked Bison Taco w/Indiana Pico & Goat Cheese slaw
Chef Doug & Marla Rennie,Just Rennie’s Cookie Co.,Evansville,Dessert,Just Rennie’s Signature Cookies
Brad Gates,Brad Gates Catering,Carmel,Meat ,Braised Bison Shoulder with Succotash Savoy Cabbage & Horsera Creme Fraiche
Caleb France & Chase Hinton ,Cerulean ,Winona Lake,Meat, Pork belly may apple jam hazelnut goldwood garden greens
Ryan Nelson,Late Harvest Kitchen, Indianapolis,Meat ,Corn Walnut Goat Cheese and Pancetta Salad
Layton Roberts,Meridian Restaurant and Bar,Indianapolis,Vegetarian,Cantalope and cucumber salad with basil infused creme fraiche and watercress pistou – Grilled Peaches with honey and blueberry cream
Joseph Martin,18 on the Square,Shelbyville,Meat ,Bison Bratwurst with Relished Summer Salad and Hand-crafted Mustard
Roger Hawkins,Circle City Soups,Indianapolis,Vegetarian ,”My Dad’s” Sweet Corn Chowder
Christopher Eley,Goose the Market & Smoking Goose,Indianapolis,Meat ,Barbacoa de Chivo Walking Taco
Brandon Canfield,The Loft at Traders Point Creamery,Zionsville,Vegetarian ,Great Organic Garden Gazpacho
Dan Orr,FARMbloomington,Bloomington,Vegan ,Chilled Golden Summer Soup
Craig Baker,Local Eatery and Pub,Westfield,Meat ,Goat and Indiana Ambrosia
Nitin Naidu,Spice Box,Indianapolis,Vegetarian,Channa masala
Matt Kornmeyer,Scratchtruck,Indianapolis,Dessert ,Indiana Sweet Corn Panna Cotta with Dulce de Leche
Becky Hostetter,Duos,Indianapolis,Vegetarian,Potato Greens and Goat Cheese Quesadilla
Mark Marlar,The Oceanaire Seafood Room,Indianapolis,Meat ,Bell Aquaculture Perch Tacos with Indiana Sweet Corn Relish