By Ryan Brock   |   June 13, 2012

Muncie. Terre Haute. Evansville. South Bend. Indianapolis. When someone asks a Hoosier where they grew up, chances are pretty good that they’ll say “outside of” one of these towns. These are the places that make up Indiana, the familiar neighborhoods we think of when we think of home. These are the places where our food is grown, where our dinner tables are set, and where we grew up to be the people we are today.

If we are what we eat, then maybe you’re Roanoke or Franklin or Michigan City.

This might sound a little cheesy (okay, it sounds a lot cheesy), but this is the entire idea behind Dig IN, and it’s our love for these places and the people that make them special that drives our annual celebration of all things delicious in Indiana.

More than just a “taste of Indianapolis,” Dig IN attracts the best in the food business from all over the state. The concept is pretty simple: Match Indiana farmers with Indiana chefs, wineries and breweries to demonstrate the amazing things that are grown and raised right here in Indiana. It’s an event focused on showcasing the great diversity the state has to offer when it comes to agriculture and the culinary arts.

“Food is intrinsic — it’s part of all our stories; but also, in Indiana, we’re at the heart of the nation’s agricultural food supply,” This from Ann Schmelzer, Global Industrial Product Manager for Cummins, Inc., and chair of the Dig IN board. “Dig IN is significant because it showcases the breadth and depth of what we do at every step along the way from gate to plate. There is such immense talent in this state when it comes to food production, logistics, and preparation. The annual Dig IN event brings all that together and celebrates it in a big, bold way,” she said.

At Dig IN, you can eat a fried pie with duck (raised in Indiana) braised in Sun King beer (brewed in Indiana), served with corn and blueberries (of course, grown in Indiana). You can sip glass after glass of wine, sample artisan confections, bite into a bison taco, and know that from farm to fork, everything you’re enjoying is pure Indiana.

With farmers, chefs, wineries and breweries representing the entire state, there will be plenty to enjoy at this year’s Dig IN. Come out to find a taste of home, wherever that might be for you, and discover something new about the state you love.

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