diginpintFarm to Pint: Beer at Dig IN

By Sara Croft | August 2, 2013

Do you have one of the coveted Dig IN pint glasses? My cabinet has two from each year of the event, and every time I grab one at home to fill with local Indiana beer I reminisce about the beer tent in which I bought them.

With Dig IN’s emphasis on showcasing local products that Indiana has to offer, it makes perfect sense to include beer and wine along with chefs and their food. As many as 18 breweries will be pouring 3oz samples and full pints of beer for attendees to sample and enjoy during the event. This year, everyone will receive a Dig IN pint glass that you’ll use for your 3oz samples or your full size pints that can be purchased from any of the brewers. One beer will be featured from each brewery, representing a mix of house beers and seasonal beers.

New breweries in the beer tent this year are Bloomington Brewing Company, Triton, BIER, Fountain Square, Broad Ripple Brew Pub, Tin Man and possibly a few others. A number of breweries will also be providing special tastings for the VIP tent. Not all breweries have confirmed what beers they’ll be offering, but that just adds one more layer of suspense to the event. Why know it all before you go? That’s part of the fun!

It’s no surprise that the beer tent keeps growing. Last year I wrote a blog titled History of the Hops in which I discussed the growth of Indiana’s breweries over the last 125 years. As one of Indianapolis’ best-known craft brewers, Clay Robinson of Sun King Brewing knows a thing or two about that demand. “Almost every brewery in the state is currently growing due to customer demand.” You’ve probably noticed that local restaurants (even chains) have more Indiana beers on tap because people are asking for it. Liquor stores and grocery stores are carrying it. Events like Dig IN keep that momentum going by providing access to the breweries so that new people can get introduced to what Indiana has to offer.

“Beer can complement or contrast food and I think it’s fun to play with both aspects,” says Clay. “It’s also important to note that people have specific types of beer they enjoy and it’s ok to just enjoy your favorite beer with whatever you are eating.”

I agree that it is important to drink what you know you like. For me, that’s pale ales and IPAs, but for others that might mean a summer pilsner or a hefeweizen. To be honest, there’s so many things for your taste buds to try at Dig IN that your focus should be on learning about what you’re eating and drinking and who prepared it.

Dig IN is a great place to learn about Indiana’s booming beer industry. Take time to speak with the breweries and talk to them about their beer – they’d love to tell you about their passion!

Sara Croft is a member of the #DigIN Gastronauts and a food adventurer with a passion for creating and a hunger for culinary inspiration. You can find out more on Sara, her recipes and her food adventures on her site, SolidGoldEats.com. Follow her on Twitter @saraelysecroft.

Photo courtesy of Magan Peters at Girls’ Pint Out