October 22nd, 2015

While The Local Eatery and Pub is a perennial favorite at the Taste of Indiana Festival, you will more likely find Craig Baker these days at Bent Rail Brewery, the most recent business opened by Baker and business partner Derek Means. Their portfolio also includes Plow and Anchor, and as a staunch proponent of local food, Baker sources as much as possible from Indiana farmers for all his restaurants. In fact, when I sat down with Craig to talk about our October #INSeason ingredient, apples, I learned that Bent Rail will be host to a new winter farmers market. Each year, more Indiana growers are using season extension techniques, and Baker will open the doors of Bent Rail to host them this winter.


A few quick words about Baker…he originally hails from Pennsylvania but wound up in Portland, then landed here after visiting friend Tyler Herald (chef at Public Greens) and seeing opportunity in Indy. In terms of his day to day work, Baker focuses on the catering and events,  rotates to different locations working alongside his staff, but allows them to manage the daily operations. You can learn a lot more about the chef in this article that we found.

One of those events that Baker and his staff have put together is Twangtoberfest at Bent Rail on Saturday, October 31st at 9pm. There are some great local bands, good food and drink, all for a very affordable price on Halloween night! Next up, Baker is “scaring up” a new menu that will appear soon, including many delightful dishes with apple. Look for some pics and posts about that coming soon!

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