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Tent 1 Maple Leaf Farm Tent

  • Delicia, Ricky Martinez
  • Madison's, Dan Stackpoole
  • One World Catering, Corbin Morwick
  • Restauration, Kirsten Serrano and Alex Hernandez
  • The Northside Social, James Mockerman
  • Tinker Street, Braedon Kellner

Tent 2 This Old Farm Tent

  • Cerulean, Alan Sternberg
  • Gomez BBQ, Mike Gomez
  • Monon Food Company, Sam Nunery
  • Spice Box, Jess Johnson
  • The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Adam Waldrip

Tent 3 Indy Star Tent

  • 5280 Bistro, Joseph Hsu
  • Circle City Soups, Roger Hawkins
  • Circle City Sweets, Cindy Hawkins
  • J. Ford's Black Angus, Kelly and Jeff Ford
  • Vida, Layton Roberts

Tent 4 Green Bean Delivery Tent

  • Artisan Foodworks, Alexa Lemley
  • Just Rennie's, Doug Rennie
  • Plat 99, Eli Laidlaw
  • Taxman Gastropub, Joseph Tabor
  • teds market, Chef Glenda Hinton

Tent 5 White River State Park Tent

  • Cobblestone Grill, Omar Guzman Ulloa
  • Local Eatery and Pub, Craig Baker
  • Meridian Restaurant and Bar, Dean Sample
  • Napolese, Tyler Herald
  • R2GO, Regina Mehallick
  • Shoefly Public House, Craig Mariutto

Tent 6 The RoomPlace Tent

  • Bee Coffee Roasters, BJ Davis and Andy Gilman
  • OAKLEYS Bistro, Steve Oakley
  • Pioneer, Bryan and Patrick Kanne
  • Revery, Mark Henrichs
  • Story Inn, Eric Swanson
  • Valley Kitchen & Bar, Cory Muro

Food Trucks + Carts

  • Duos Indy, Becky Hostetter and John Garnier
  • Maple Leaf Duckmobile, Maple Leaf Farms
  • Nicey Treat, Jeff Patrick
  • S'more Mobile, Alexa Lemley


Tent A

  • Bier Brewery
  • Bloomington Brewing Co.
  • Daredevil Brewing Co.
  • Deer Creek Brewery
  • Flat 12 Bierwerks
  • Scarlet Lane Brewing Co.

Tent B

  • 18th Street Brewery
  • Black Acre Brewing Co.
  • Central State Brewing
  • New Day Craft
  • Sun King Brewing Co.
  • Taxman Brewing Co.

Tent C

  • Brugge Brasserie
  • Mad Anthony Brewing Co.
  • Thr3e Wise Men Brewing
  • Tin Man Brewing Co.
  • Triton Brewing Co.
  • Upland Brewing Co.


Tent A

  • Heagy Vineyards
  • Rettig Hill Winery

Tent B

  • Easley Winery
  • Owen Valley Winery

Tent C

  • Blackhawk Winery
  • On-Time Mixers

Napolese / Patachou Inc.

Spice Box


Valley Kitchen & Bar

Circle City Sweets

Circle City Soups

J Ford’s Black Angus

Bee Coffee Roasters


Cerulean Restaurant

240sweet Artisan Foodworks

The Local Eatery and Pub

One World Catering

Meridian Restaurant


The Northside Social

Shoefly Public House

Just Rennies Cookies

Cobblestone Grill

Tinker Street

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Taxman Gastropub




The Golden

Plat 99


teds market



5280 Bistro



Gomez BBQ

Story Inn

Monon Food Company


Gunthorp Farm

Fischer Farms

RDM Aquaculture

Miller’s Poultry

Maple Leaf Farms

Tyner Pond Farm

This Old Farm

Russell Sheep Company


Silverthorn Farm

Simmons Farm

Voyager Farms

Blitz Produce

My Dad’s Sweet Corn

Aunt Gena’s Corn

Purdue Student Farm

Cooks Bison Ranch

Big City Farms

Riehle Select Popcorn

Garwood Farm

Smith Dairy

Kincaid’s Meat Market

Graham Farms

Garwood Orchard

Thistle Byre Farm

Story Inn Farm

Sun King Brewery

Taxman Brewing Co.

Flat 12 Bierwerks

Tin Man Brewing Co.

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company

Bloomington Brewing Co.

Bier Brewery

Daredevil Brewing Co.

Triton Brewing Company

Brugge Brasserie

New Day Craft

Black Acre Brewing Company

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

Deer Creek Brewery

18th Street Brewery

Ash & Elm Cider Co.

Upland Brewing Co.

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co.

Central State Brewing

Easley Winery

Blackhawk Winery

Owen Valley Winery

Rettig Hill Winery

Heagy Vineyards

On-Time Mixers



Nicey Treat

S’more Mobile

Maple Leaf DuckMobile

Best Boy & Co.

Dragonwood Sweet & Savory Enchantments

Revival Food Co.

Batch No. 2

JohnTom’s Barbecue

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