Food History Tour

MARKETING PHOTO, retouched. Indianapolis Star food writer, Liz Biro, at Rook, Thursday September 11th, 2014.
Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana is a food lover’s dream, and this tour gets to the heart of it. Go behind the festival scenes with Indy Star food and dining reporter Liz Biro. You‘ll hob nob with top chefs and meet the farmers and food producers who supply Indiana’s stunning bounty. Liz will share insider tips about what’s cooking in and around Indy and where to find some of her favorite tastes at Dig IN: A Taste of Indiana. You might get a cooking lesson, too. All of this comes with big servings of Indiana food history and restaurant dish. Find out where to eat local and how central Indiana become a foodie paradise. Tours, 15-20 minutes each, will happen at 1, 2, 3 and 4 p.m. during the festival. Sign up at the Indy Star booth, located at the Indy Star tent.

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