Confessions of a Gastronaut

By Andy Huston | August 7, 2013

When I watch Top Chef, two things happen. I get really hungry and then I get extremely envious of the guests as they eat all of that incredible food.

Think about it, all that mouth-watering food. I can picture myself at the table tasting the subtle nuances of what the chefs have prepared. Saying things like, “Oh my…” or “This was a little under seasoned for my liking” or “How did they ever think to combine these ingredients? Brilliant!”

The reality is that I am sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine and some popcorn.

And while I’ve never been to a Top Chef event, I feel like I have. Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana showcases our local culinary talent and the freshest produce that Indiana has to offer. As a self-professed foodie, this is an event that I love and a date that I block on my calendar. Unlike the TV show, there’s no competition – just a celebration of the best of Indiana. The winner is your tastebuds. Trust me.

Spending a nice, August afternoon enjoying 2oz masterpieces is a great opportunity to experience Indiana’s culinary talent. My wife and I have become loyal fans of a number of restaurants that we were introduced to through DigIN.

You might be thinking of yourself, how filling are these little samples? Well, after 30-some samples you might feel like you just feasted at one of those all-you-can-eat-meat-on-a-stick Brazilian steakhouse joints (without the meat sweats). So grab a group of your friends and get some tickets to DigIN. It is a fun group outing.

In the meantime, bone up on some of your epicurean adjectives. It can add a fun layer of discussion to what is otherwise an unpretentious farm-to-fork event.

Andy Huston has been a fan and volunteer for Dig IN since the beginning and he’s a current member of the #Dig IN Gastronaut team. (Psst, we’re also looking for two more!) You can catch Andy online at @hust0058; or tweeting about foursquare at @4sqindy. He works for @nicfraternity.