IMG_3442by Rob Gaston, August 26th, 2014

We hope you saw the post thanking many of the major players who helped make our August 17th Taste of Indiana event a success. Not on that list are all the members of event committees that met starting in March to make plans for our 5th annual festival. There is room for you to join the team as we continue to grow the community of local food lovers here in Indiana-more on that below!

We hope you go back to our main page, scroll down and check out all the sponsors, including major contributions from Indiana’s Family of Farmers and the Central Indiana Community Foundation. Just as Piazza provides us help with all the Indiana ingredients, we also want to thank Clay Robinson and Beth Belange of Sun King Brewing for helping us out on what was a very busy weekend for them. Driving beer trucks, loading apps on iPads, carting containers to hold our chilled bottled water, and emergency runs back to the brewery for supplies…it’s all in a day’s work when you support an event you care about. While we are on the subject of beer, we owe Amanda Wishin and Girl’s Pint Out as well as Ben Hunt and the Tomlinson Tap Room for helping us pour at the event.

Back to the planning committees, several volunteers served on these groups to help execute the front gate operations, design the VIP area, schedule cooking demos, and book our entertainment. As the saying goes, it takes a village to pull off something like Taste of Indiana, and every extra hand makes the workload that much lighter.

There is still room for more if you want to be a part of the team! In addition to the above areas, we could use year-round support in:

  • Social Media
  • Writing content
  • Merchandise and Inventory
  • Planning Monthly Events

If you are interested, please email