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Hoosier INspiration

By Sonja Overhiser | August 13, 2013

When I moved to Indiana, the last thing I cared about was food. Little did I know, my new home state would be integral in teaching me more than I ever dreamed about cooking, eating and community.

Fresh out of college, my food vocabulary was pretty limited, with meals consisting of frozen boxed or bagged meals (or my favorite default: breakfast cereal). That all started to change when my employer, who luckily had impeccable taste in food, began to take me to business dinners at a small restaurant in downtown Indy called R Bistro.

I was intrigued: I had no idea food could taste like this. So delicate and flavorful – it was like art on a plate! I was soon hooked, and, along with my husband Alex, we started on a journey of beginning to understand food – in the process, becoming home cooks ourselves, and starting a food blog to document it.

What we didn’t imagine was how much this food-based journey would connect us to people – a multitude of Hoosiers working to create high-quality, locally produced foods here in Indiana.

From fawning over our original inspirations by Chef Regina Mehallick of R Bistro, to buying artisan products at the farmer’s market from Fermenti Artisan and Goose the Market, to re-creating salads and pizza from our favorite meals at Napolese, these are the Indiana food personalities who inspire us – to think outside the box, to be creative in our kitchen, and to stay connected to our community.

We’re looking forward to trying samplings from our Hoosier inspirations, new and old, at this year’s DigIN. Hope to see you there!

Bloggers Sonja and Alex Overhiser love all things Indy and healthy eating. Follow their adventures in the kitchen at ACoupleCooks.com. They are also part of the #DigIN Gastronauts and they’ll be live tweeting at the event on August 25. Follow them @acouplecooks.