By Cy Wood | July 30, 2012

To celebrate Hoosier food and drink, of course Dig IN includes Indiana craft beer brewers at the table. Fewer and fewer Hoosiers still believe the best beer comes in bottles with mountains that turn blue when the brew is cold enough to drink. That’s because in the last five years or so, the craft beer world has exploded in popularity across the country and, thankfully, Indiana has seen the same development. The Hoosier State currently has about 50 breweries, with another 10 in progress scattered across the state. Some only provide their work on tap at their site, but several are bottling and canning in addition to kegging, and many of those brews will travel to Dig IN.

Clay Robinson, one of the brewers and co-owners of Sun King Brewing in downtown Indianapolis, said that Dig IN is the perfect event for Indiana breweries. “They get a chance to share their beer with 5,000 people who are interested in local agriculture, food and beverages, so it gives brewers a chance to expand their audience.” Also, he said, the culture among breweries is a lot like that of farmers: they’re all in it together. “Craft beer overall has a very congenial culture and Indiana is no different. We are not battling each other; rather, our fight is for tap handles, shelf space and market share. Once people fall in love with craft beer, they have a tendency to explore and seek out more.”

While out-of-state breweries see distribution here, celebrating great Indiana-made beer is important for our culture as a state. “I see craft beer continuing to grow and shift toward more local and regional breweries, which goes hand in hand with the local movement sweeping the nation in terms of food and agriculture,” Robinson said. In addition to creating delicious beer, craft breweries also employ more than 50 percent of the workforce in the American beer industry, and they also create tourism. Visit your local craft brewery, or better yet, visit several of Indiana’s best at this year’s Dig IN.

Currently, six breweries have committed to participate in Dig IN:
Flat 12 Bierwerks – Indianapolis
Mad Anthony Brewing Co. – Fort Wayne
Brugge Brasserie – Indianapolis
Upland Brewing Co. – Bloomington
Sun King Brewing Co. – Indianapolis
Black Swan Brewpub – Plainfield

While this is a stellar lineup, we hope to have up to twelve total for the event. Visit the site for updates!

With more than 30 great chefs preparing delicious plates and tasteful beers and wines to complement them, Dig IN 2012 will again be a don’t-miss event. Get your tickets today, and raise your glass to all of the great Indiana breweries at Dig IN!