By Scott Blanton | August 7, 2012

Buffalo, perch and duck likely aren’t in your refrigerator, but Indiana farmers are using their time and passion to raise these animals for our consumption. There is a family in Indiana that lives on our back roads in rural homes—a family we don’t always see, but we all rely on. This family supplies many of us with our food.

The Indiana Family of Farmers is comprised of men and women we see working in their fields from sun up to sun down, and even before and after. The Indiana Family of Farmers is comprised of farmers who take extra care of their livestock – men and women committed to bringing great food to your dinner table, which is why they provide the food at Dig IN.

Leah Beyer provides the chefs at Dig IN with the meat and produce they want to make their creative recipes. Not only does she help the Dig IN chefs find the products they are looking for, but Beyer also is a farmer. On the practice of farming she says, “I feel an obligation that one farming method isn’t highlighted as better or superior. We have a need to grow food in all different ways for all different people. While one farmer may grow a small number of animals in a very specific manner for a specific client, the next farmer will grow thousands of animals for another group of consumers. Both are important and necessary to provide Indiana citizens with Indiana-grown food.”

Dig IN is about highlighting Indiana and its many products and farmers. Beyer also says, “We need to place value on all Indiana-grown foods, regardless of any other label.” Dig IN emphasizes the entire family of farmers in Indiana, what they produce, where you can find it, and how it can be made into great dishes you can make at home.

For the food curious and those looking for something new to try, this year at Dig IN you will be able to find Indiana raised goat meat! The event will feature more than 30 chefs from around the state using Indiana grown and raised products. Get your tickets today!