The Indiana Microbrewers Festival and Dig IN, a Taste of Indiana have a lot in common. Both are top summer events for local food and beer fans to attend. Both feature local food and drink, as well as a nice variety of live music. Since the Microbrewers Festival moved to Military Park this year, both events are located right downtown. And both events have longevity: while Dig IN is putting together a festival for the sixth time, the Microbrewers Festival will be celebrating an impressive twenty years.


We talked to Tristan Schmid, communications director for the Brewers of Indiana Guild, about their event. “The Brewers of Indiana Guild represents Indiana’s craft brewing industry, which are locally owned small businesses that enhance Indiana’s economy. We support the breweries and advance legislative changes to help them,” said Schmid. In other words, your ticket purchase goes directly to support Indiana breweries.


About the move to Military Park, Schmid said, “The craft beer industry has exploded over the past few years, and we want the festival to represent that growth and showcase all the great breweries in Indiana. Military Park will give us the space to do that, and plus there are lots of great shade trees.” Other bonuses are that nearby there are plenty of hotels and tons of great dining options in downtown Indy.


A little known facet of the festival is a tent which features creative brews made in a small cask. These special brews are  very unique limited edition beers, which means the festival is your only chance to taste them.

Much like Taste of Indiana, tickets go fast so make sure to buy them ahead so you don’t miss out! If you are a true beer fan-or just want to beat the crowd-get the ticket that allows you to enter one hour early. We’ll see you there! To learn more about the Indiana Microbrewers Festival, please visit their website.

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