By: Taylor Imus, July 23, 2014

Did you know, Indiana has consistently remained a national-leader in canned tomato production? Did you also know that it’s estimated that 95% of all tomatoes grown by family farmers in Indiana are destined to become Red Gold products? Whether it’s the fresh-picked backyard variety or Hoosier-grown out of a can, tomatoes have become one of the staples of summer and are a centerpiece of Hoosier agriculture and food culture.

Here are some of our favorite local tomato dishes being featured this summer!


Fried Green Tomato Salad, Pizzology Pizzeria + Pub

Made with arugula, shallots and fresh “made-in-house” mozzarella, this is a perfect summer salad featuring fried local green tomatoes.




Rook Tomato

Indiana Tomato Salad, Rook Indy

This filipino salsa-inspired dish features house salted duck egg, pickled red onion, calamansi vinaigrette or Filipino lime, thai basil and cilantro.




Green Margherita Napolese
Green Margarita Pizza, Napolese
Between all locations, Napolese uses more than 500lbs of tomatoes per week. They have loads of dishes on the menu featuring tomatoes but this is our favorite, you can’t beat a classic, Margarita pizza.




BLT, Thunderbird

You’ve never had a BLT like this before, fried Green Tomato, arugula, bacon, lemon basil aioli and egg gives this favorite a new twist.






Tomato Salad, R bistro
A refreshing tomato and melon salad with fresh basil and pecorino.