Little Indiana Digs IN

By Jessica Nunemaker | August 8, 2013 

Hoosiers are known for a great, good love of home-style food, right? We pride ourselves on our farmers market produce. Our dinner tables fairly groan with staples like sweet corn, potatoes, and possibly gravy-covered anything. But did you know you can also fit “gourmet” in that list?

It doesn’t mean we no longer love our pork tenderloin sandwiches or fried, um, everything—it just means that there’s room for more! At Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana “more” is the word of the day! Of course, you could probably substitute in “fresh” or “green” in there too.

In a way, Dig IN is a foodie revolution. It’s changing the stereotypes about Indiana one taste-tempting sample at a time.

We are more than folks that live in an agricultural state—we are an agricultural state placing new emphasis on fresh and healthy with a few unexpected twists or two along the way. We churn out fantastic talent in the culinary industry. Our winemakers and breweries win award after award after award.

In other words: we are a force to be reckoned with.

This is nowhere more apparent than at Dig IN on August 25 at beautiful White River State Park in Indianapolis.

It will be my first time at Dig IN, and my first time as a Dig IN Gastronaut, but everything I’ve seen has mentioned time and again the accessibility of this huge tribute to Hoosier food and drink.

Don’t let the term “foodie” scare you. Think of it as a chance to meet the fine local folks responsible for putting a new face on Indiana’s food friendly heritage! It’s a place where folks can learn from food-related experts and graze their way through the creativity of fellow Hoosiers. What a unique way to support local and build a community! Of course, the wine and beer probably won’t hurt one bit, either.

Sure, it’s about great food and all that goes with it, but it’s also about good ol’ Hoosier hospitality served with a healthy dose of community. It’s about being proud of where we came from, what we’ve done, and all the exciting things our Hoosier chefs and brewers and winemakers are doing.

So sample, sip, listen, and learn your way through Dig IN.

There’s more than corn and race cars and steel mills in Indiana. There’s an ever-expanding community of people sharing an appreciation for darn good local food.

Jessica Nunemaker is the owner of little Indiana, Host of a little Indiana segment statewide on PBS and Publisher of the little Indiana Quarterly magazine. Sometimes, she even sleeps. You’ll usually find Jessica gallivanting around Indiana towns (population 15,000 and less) with her husband, Jeremy, and two boys in tow in search of where to stay, play and eat in small towns across the state. Follow her on Twitter @jessnunemaker.

Tickets for Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana are available now. Get yours here!