by Rob Gaston, February 5th, 2015

The days are getting longer again, hopefully also starting to get warmer little by little, but the time of hearty greens and asparagus poking up out of the ground is still a ways off. As you know, for our #INSeason campaign of fresh Indiana goods, we’ve talked about poultry in December, beef in January, and for February we are showing love to all the great dairy products to be found in our state. We turned to our friend and resident Indiana dairy expert Michele Plummer to get some information on what is happening with our Hoosier dairies.

First of all, there are 1200 dairy farms here, and you can click on this link for a map of a few of them and find the closest one to you!

Glass of Milk

It turns out, milk may already be a truly local food. Did you know that most milk only travels an average of 100 miles from the farm to the grocery store? Of the 1200 dairy farms we have, 97% of them are family owned, with an average herd size of 129 cows. In terms of our economy, Indiana dairy farming and processing contributes $810 million, keeping 8,220 Hoosiers employed. And further proving that Indiana is an agricultural state, but also a delicious one, is that we are second in this country for ice cream production.

Ice Cream

We didn’t make these facts up! For more of them, visit:

Stay tuned for more facts, and links to neat videos that tell the story of dairy in Indiana. We’re also cooking up a chef profile and tasty recipe for you!