Brad Gates

By Rob Gaston, October 22nd, 2014

If you’ve been to the Indianapolis City Market for lunch, you may have seen some giant club sandwiches or amazing looking salads coming from a corner shop, Brad Gates Catering. Not surprisingly, the man behind the food at this shop is indeed Brad Gates, who along with his wife and staff pump out some of the higher end food you’ll find at the City Market. Brad has been feeding Indianapolis since 2004, when he relocated to open the Wolfgang Puck restaurarant at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Originally from Columbia City, Brad moved to New York City in 1991 to attend the French Culinary Institute. Working his way through various kitchens, Brad spent much of his career at the well known Union Square Café in New York.

We are talking all about apples at Dig IN this month as our #INSeason ingredient. At the farmers market outside the City Market every Wednesday, apples are found from Blitz Greenhouse and Appleworks among others. Brad also likes to source product from Wild’s Apple Farm, but wishes he could find more of his favorite varieties, gala and honeycrisp, grown locally. He likes the classic preparations, such as a tarte tatin or apple betty, but loves savory applications as well, stating that “warm savory chutneys are fun”.

Brad shares a bit of food history, explaining that classic French dishes using apples often come from Calvados or Normandy. Although one of his favorite preparations is Veal Normande, he often opts to prepare the dish using a pork shoulder blade steak.  As a caterer, Brad seeks out local ingredients for his menus, which might be anything from a brunch to barbecue to fine dining experience. Brad and Meggin live in Carmel with his sons Jacob and Sam, and their “crazy” dogs Sara and Molly.