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by Rob Gaston, Thursday, April 21st

If you attended Munch Madness on Monday, you know that it was a great time for both the audience as well as those participating on stage. This fun evening would not have been possible without the support of many organizations, businesses, and individuals.

With so many thanks to give, I am going to break them up into a few short posts rather than one very long one. The unsung hero of the evening is Ashleigh Newbold of the Indiana State Fair, whose tireless care, coordination, and organization brought all the pieces together. Sarah Murrell brought three wonderful things with her to the stage: her entertaining hi jinx, co-host Steve Ruby, and the premiere sponsorship of Central Restaurant Products and all of the stage equipment.

Two other leaders were put through their paces at the event and did an incredible job. Joshua Henson of Fermenti Artisan lead the competition team, with great contributions from Nathan Smith, Zachariah Rohn, and Jayne Musser. Allison Fisher was responsible for training and coordinating all the great volunteers that showed up!

Other committee members who deserve great thanks include Eavan Warfel, Michelle Mezzanotte, Lisa Farling, Kateri Whitley and Laura Heintz. These ladies served in a variety of capacities, including research, marketing coordination, location scouting, contacting vendors and even proofreading. Everyone on this list definitely played their part towards making a great event! Many thanks to you all!

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