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by Rob Gaston, Tuesday, April 26th

If you didn’t join us for Munch Madness, make sure to watch for it next year! We had a great time as Abbi Merriss, Carlos Salazar, Dean Sample, and Ricky Martinez competed on stage at the Athenaeum. Although Abbi Merriss was the Munch Madness winner, we want to thank all the chefs for playing along with our twisted competition. Chefs had to do things like give up their meat mallet for a toy hammer or sanitized stone, have one leg tied to another chef, or finish their item in an EZ bake oven. Chef Sample and Chef Merriss were even made to swap stations after beginning prep in the final round!

The iconic Indiana dishes included a Hoosier pork tenderloin, corn chowder, and finally sugar cream pie. Each round was judged by a different guest, including Michael Tambasco of the Mug, Roger Hawkins of Circle City Soups, and Pete Schmutte of Cerulean. Before the final round, the chefs had to rely on audience donations to fund their budget for bidding on the reward that was offered, which was a pre-made crust for their sugar cream pie from Lattice and Lard. The joke was on the chefs however, when they were forced to swap stations just a few moments later.

A very big thank you goes to Central Restaurant Products for sponsoring the event with a lot of beautiful equipment that worked perfectly on the fabricated kitchen stage. Piazza Produce and Green Bean Delivery generously provided ingredients that were used in the pantry, which the chefs only had 60 seconds to shop or else they had to forfeit an item. Duos Indy, Shoefly Public House, Wildwood Market, and Batch No.2 mustard all graciously showed up to serve food to the audience. Just Pop In and the Broad Ripple Chip Company also provided free snacks available to all in the lobby.

There are many others to thank which you can find listed here. They have our gratitude and I hope you will support them with your dollars as part of our local food community.

The Athenaeum Foundation
Tyner Pond Farm
Smoking Goose
Traders Point
Tulip Tree Creamery
Charlies Premium
Amelia’s Bread
Breweries: Triton, Daredevil, Bier, Taxman, Sun King, and Scarlet Lane
Oliver Winery and New Day Meadery
12.05 Distillery and Backbone Bourbon
Fermenti Artisan
Bluebeard, Meridian, Rook, and Delicia Restaurants
Ivy Tech Community College

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