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by Rob Gaston, March 30, 2016

What is Munch Madness?

At first glance, Munch Madness is a chefs competition, but it’s really a show. Four very talented chefs will be taking the stage, and yes they will be competing, but they will also face adversity. What would Carlos Salazar do if we took away his chefs knife? What if Abbi Merriss had only a blow torch to cook her food? These are the kinds of challenges-we’re calling them speedbumps-that our chefs will face on Monday, April 18th.

How will these speedbumps happen?

The chefs will begin the evening with a budget which they will use to purchase their challenges. Their budget is determined by you! When you purchase a ticket for Munch Madness, you must will select the name of the chef you’d like to support. The purchase price of your ticket will then go into the budget of your favorite chef. (Don’t worry about making the other chefs angry, since we won’t publicize the name of your favorite) Can’t decide? Well then help us out by encouraging your friends to buy. If the event is a sell out, then all the chefs will have equal money to begin the bidding.

How will the competition work?

There will be three rounds, and each round the chefs will be given an “iconic Indiana dish” to prepare in 30 minutes. The chefs will bid on their challenges, and then be given a minute to rush through the pantry and grab their ingredients. After 30 minutes of cooking, a guest judge will come out and taste each dish, and the unfortunate loser will be asked to leave the stage. After three rounds the last man or woman standing is the Munch Madness grand champion.

Will I get to taste the food?

The food will be tasted by the judges only, BUT, we will auction off the chance for one lucky person to accompany the judge, taste the food, and share an opinion with the judge. In the VIP section there will be some complimentary food and beverages available. Everyone who comes in will receive some small snacks like locally made potato chips. Local restaurants will be serving up dishes for $5 a piece made of your favorite Indiana ingredients. Booths will be hosted by Shoefly Public House, Duos, Wildwood Market, and a special treat whipped up by the makers of Batch No. 2 mustard.

What about drinks?

This is a Dig IN event, so of course there will be Indiana beers, wines, and even a cocktail or two. You will purchase tickets for $5 that are good for both food and drink.


Dig IN is not just the Taste of Indiana event held on the last Sunday in August every year. We educate consumers and promote Indiana food, farms, and beverages all year long. This is a new event showcasing locally owned restaurants, Indiana ingredients, and beers and wines. At all of our events we bring together the community of local food lovers and Hoosier food producers. Finally, Dig IN is a registered not for profit and this event is designed to benefit the organization. The funds raised help us to pay a fair price for the food that is provided at Taste of Indiana. Farmers do not have to give away their hard earned income, restaurants don’t have to cut into their already slim margins, and as the ticket buyer you don’t have to drain your bank account to attend the event.


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