By Cy Wood   |   June 20, 2012

You’ve probably seen the pictures of farmers in newspapers every fall standing next to gargantuan pumpkins and other massive vegetables. One of the joys of being a farmer is getting to watch your plants grow from sprouts into the food-bearing vines that we love so much. It’s a similar feeling getting to watch an event grow, particularly in its early years. If that event happens to focus on the food being grown in our state’s gardens, and then being put on the plates in our state’s best restaurants, well that’s just all the better. In Dig IN’s third year, you’re going to find a whole slew of new participating wineries and chefs. Completely new to Dig IN this year, you’ll find five food trucks participating alongside the other restaurants.

Believe it or not, there are good grapes that are grown outside of the west coast and Europe, and we have some great ones here in Indiana. “European wines get positive press. In fact, when you compare things like European soil and climate, you find a strong resemblance to those in Southern Indiana. It just makes sense to grow grapes and make wine here,” says Jim Pfeiffer, owner of Turtle Run Winery in Corydon, who will be joining us at Dig IN this year. In addition to Turtle Run, we’ll be joined by wineries from Lafayette, Elizabeth, St. Meinrad, New Albany, Monticello, Madison and more.

It’s important to remember that even though Dig IN is held in Indianapolis, there’s a lot more to the Hoosier state than just our capital. Dig IN is adding five new chefs to the line up this year, including Chef Caleb France from Cerulean in Winona Lake. Of using locally sourced foods in his restaurant, Chef Caleb said, “What’s really exciting is the idea of taking local food and making it into something revolutionary. It’s fun to use a technique like molecular gastronomy or other new techniques to let customers try something that isn’t easily reproduced at home, but to also do that in a way that’s responsible, and makes food irresistible.”

Food Trucks
If you’ve visited the streets in and around Indy in the past year, you’ve probably seen an insurgence of parked trucks with long lines, slinging a variety of foods to hungry Hoosiers. Matt Kornmeyer, owner of Scratch Streetfoods LLC (Scratch Truck), says it’s important for food trucks to be present at an event like Dig IN. “The exposure to food trucks is necessary. For those who still think of food trucks as ‘roach coaches,’ we get to show them that trucks can really produce high-quality dishes. We’re not your dad’s food trucks.” There will be five food trucks participating in Dig IN this year, lined up on the bridge between White River State Park and the Indianapolis Zoo.

With great food being served from local food trucks and chefs, and with great wine and beer being poured from our local wineries and breweries, Dig IN is even bigger and better this year. We still need people to help us eat this food and toast to our state, so get your Dig IN tickets now!