By Neal Brown   |   July 3, 2012

Five years ago, when the Indianapolis Food Revolution was starting to gain tangible traction, I was fortunate to witness a transformation. That transformation came from Berkeley, California, via the Indianapolis Museum of Art, when they asked Alice Waters to speak on what it means to have a thriving local food economy.

For years a small group of chefs, including myself, spent countless hours dreaming about the day when Indianapolis would catch up with the rest of the country in its appreciation for the local farmers and chefs that had been working to bring high quality foods to as many people as possible. Alice Waters’ lecture was sold out, and the energy was palpable.

That was also the day that Dig IN was born.

Since then, Dig IN has two events under its belt and it’s a month or so away from its third. Each year, we have elevated the event from the year before; adding more chefs, restaurants, farmers, brewers, artisans, and attendees each of our three years. We have spent the last two years forming the Dig IN Foundation, an organization that intends to broaden the reach of our mission of helping the citizens of Indiana make more informed food choices.

None of this could be possible if Indiana wasn’t ready for it, and this is what makes me so proud. Indianapolis has made the decision that it cares about the food that it eats. Farmers markets are experiencing historic growth, home cooks are demanding better food from conventional grocery stores, and a younger generation of gourmands are having dinner parties as weekend entertainment.

Indianapolis has come a long way since our not so distant days of being Chain City, USA. I like to think that Dig IN has played a small part in our great city’s transformation, and that is why I am so proud to be part of it. I hope to see you all there again this year to keep this amazing momentum going.

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Neal Brown
Co-Founder and Executive Board Member
Dig In – A Taste of Indiana