By Haley Sorenson, March 11, 2015

Now that we’ve learned all the new names for cuts of pork and learned how to cook each one (if you missed that post, find it here.), let’s get cooking!

hard cider pulled pork

 Sara over at Solid Gold Eats has a great recipe for a pulled pork using New Day Meadery hard cider and it looks delicious. Put some Indiana cheese on it, and you have an all-Hoosier meal!  Head over to her blog to find the recipe of this yummy sandwich!

zucchini boats

Indiana Kitchen is another great resource to find great pork recipes for this month. If you need a use for your Indiana bacon this month, try their zucchini boats that are currently featured. They also have great educational resources, like where to buy Indiana Kitchen pork products, if you’re still hungry for pork knowledge!


March weather is never predictable, which means that we’re probably going to have a few dreary days this month. The upside? Delicious chili and soups. Sara by the Season posted a Pork and Black Bean Chili and it is perfect for those chili days that aren’t quite spring yet.

We also found more infographics about Indiana Pork from Heather at Basil Momma! Head over to her recent pork post to find out more about how piglets are raised!