Here’s the complete lineup of restaurants and dishes you can look forward to at this year’s #DigIN2014

Valley Kitchen and Bar
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Tacos
Farm: Miller’s Amish Poultry 

Trader’s Point Creamery
Candied Pork Belly with Indiana melon and fresh cheese curd
Farm: Trader’s Point Creamery

Wyndham West
Hibiscus Shrub
Farm: The Farm at Circle City

Omni Severin
Crispy Pork Taco with pickled jalepeno, napa cabbage slaw and queso fresco
Farm: Indiana Kitchen

Terrine of Rabbit with apples and hazelnut
Farm: Meat the Rabbit! 

Indigo Duck
Turkey Trio
Farm: Gunthorp Farms

Bee Coffee Roasters
Cherry Coffee Zing
Farm: Garwood Orchard 

Indiana Heirloom Tomato Panzanella Salad
Farm: Silverthorn Farm

Chicken poached in smoked shrimp broth
Farm: Tyner Pond Farm

Circle City Sweets
Indiana Fruit Streusel Tart with Wildflower Ridge Honey
Farm: Wildflower Ridge 

Circle City Soups
Beer Can Chicken Nachos
Farm: Indy Family Produce

J Ford’s Black Angus
Yankee-Style Pot Roast
Farm: Seven Sons Family Farms

Artisan Foodworks
Duck Duck Goat! (Cheese)
Farm: Maple Leaf Farms

Meridian Restaurant
Lamb belly sausage, caramelized onions and spicy cherry mostarda
Farm: Gunthorp Farms

Fermenti Artisan
Cheese and Pickle plate
Farm: Shamrock Farm

Lamb in an Afghan
Farm: Russell Sheep Company 

Shrimp Ceviche
Farm: RDM Aquaculture 

Union 50
Kimichi Meatloaf
Farm: Fischer Farms

Duck Confit Short Rib
Farm: Maple Leaf Farms

Joseph Decuis
Wagyu Beef Brisket Empanadas with pine nuts, raisins and hot pepper
Farm: Joseph Decuis Farm

One World Catering
Puerco Pibil with poblano polenta and patron pickles
Farm: Fair Oaks Farm

Oakley’s Bistro
Duck “Meatball” with corn crust and  pickled blueberry freezer jam
Farm: Maple Leaf Farms

800 Degrees
Wood Fired Sausage Pizza
Farm: Gunthorp Farms

18 on the Square
Southern Indiana smoked summer succotash
Farm: Garwood Farm

The Local Eatery
Mole Rubbed Brisket with chili-spiked watermelon
Farm: Seven Sons Family Farms

Brad Gates Catering
Salad with Smoking Goose bacon and goat cheese
Farm: Smoking Goose Meatery 

Barn Brasserie
Pulled pork sandwich with corn aioli
Farm: Gunthorp Farms

Second Helpings
Roasted chicken with greens
Farm: Tyner Pond Farm

Goose the Market
Elk in a Blanket
Farm: Carley Elk Farm 

Goat Birria Tacos
Farm: Donnie Brewer

Northside Kitchen
Caja China Roasted Pork
Farm: Heather Hill 

Shoefly Public House
Smoked trout on greens
Farm: Bell Aquaculture

Just Rennies
Gourmet cookies
Farm: Creighton Brothers

Natural Born Juicers
Zen and Cherries
Farm: Beasley’s Orchard

Spice Box
Lam Bam!
Farm: Russell Sheep Company 

Pork loin, Yucca-mushroom hash, blackberry mole and pickled blackberries
Farm: Fischer Farms

Honey, lavender and rosemary shortbread
Farm: Tulip Tree Creamery

Nicey Treat
Blackberry Cheesecake Frozen Treat
Farm: Anabelle’s Garden

Citizen Hash
Smoking Goose chorizo and Citizen’s Garden cachapa
Farm: Smoking Goose Meatery 

Caveman Truck
Bacon Hash
Farm: Jacob Fisher

Libertine (VIP)
PLT – Pork, lettuce, tomato
Farm: Gunthorp Farms

R Bistro (VIP)
Thai-style marinated duck with an herb salad
Farm: Maple Leaf Farms

Recess (VIP)
Beef Shank Tacos
Farm: Fischer Farms 

Bluebeard (VIP)
Pork belly rillettes with smoked sweet corn jam, pickled peppers, cumin-scented ricotta and francese
Farm: Gunthorp Farms