By Scott Blanton   |   July 6, 2012

Dig IN is a celebration of good, fresh and fairly produced Hoosier foods. It so happens that Slow Food Indy, one of the many chapters of Slow Food USA, is founded on the philosophy of good, clean and fair food, and Slow Food Indy will be debuting at Dig IN this year. We thought you should learn a bit about Slow Food Indy before the group shares its ideas at Dig IN.

Good Food
Good can mean many things, but for Slow Food it is the idea of enjoying great food created from healthy plants and animals. When we enjoy good food, we build a community and celebrate culture and regional diversity.

Clean Food
Clean food refers to the methods in which food reaches our tables. Slow Food believes it should be grown and harvested using methods that positively impact our ecosystems and promotes biodiversity.

Fair Food
We aren’t talking about the corn or the elephant ears you get at the County Fair. We are talking about food that is accessible to everyone no matter the income. We are talking about food produced by those treated with dignity and rightly compensated for their labor.

Slow Food Indy is launching a new program called “Snail Of Approval.” Other chapters around the U.S. have developed this program recognizing businesses doing awesome things in their communities around the standards of good, clean and fair food.

For now, the Snail of Approval is just open to restaurants, but the program may expand to include other producers. Any Slow Food member can nominate a business, and nominated restaurants will receive an application packet to earn points. After Slow Food receives the packet, a site visit and interview ensures the business meets the program requirements.

Rob Gaston, of Slow Food Indy, says the group “chose to unveil the Snail at Dig IN because it is a huge opportunity to highlight the restaurants we believe are helping to make our food supply sustainable.” Gaston also said, “Dig IN is a great representation of what is going on in Indiana, and we would like to put a spotlight on those that are leading the way to sustainability everyday.”

Want to learn more about Slow Foods Indy and the Snail of Approval program? Grab your tickets for Dig IN, and make sure to sit in on the Slow Food Indy segment of the day-long speaker series!