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2016 Ivy Tech Sous Chef Competition Information

What: Sous Chef Competition using local ingredients- competitors should ideally have at least 6 months experience as a sous chef.
When: Sunday August 28, 2016
Where: Military Park-Indianapolis, Indiana (Shelter House)
How: Sous Chef Candidates should sign up to express interest at this link.

Competition details:
• Up to eight selected Sous Chef applicants will provide their own knives, everything else will be provided including two (2) tables for workspace, two (2) butane burners with fuel, pots, pans, cutting boards, robot coups, Vita Mix blenders, china and access to potable water. No ovens will be available.
• An Ivy Tech student assistant will be provided at each station. The student assistant can help with basic prep and cleanup; but cannot do any cooking or plating of the finished dishes.
• Sous Chef candidates will have a common pantry of the finest local produce, dairy items and kitchen staples to include fresh herbs and spices as well as cooking oil. (a complete list of pantry items available will be provided to registered candidates)
• A mystery basket consisting of a local protein will be revealed and the Sous Chef candidates will have 15 minutes to set up and prepare a menu that utilizes the mystery basket protein to produce four (4) finished plates to the judges. Three (3) of the finished plates are for the three judges, one finished plate is for display and post competition critique. The menu must be presented at the assigned start time (at the end of the 15 minute set up period). The finished plates must reflect the stated menu, no substitutions or alterations can be made after the menu is submitted.
• The entrée plate should have the appropriate accompaniments, garnishes, and sauces based upon the products available.
• Sous Chef candidates will have 30 minutes after set-up time to fabricate their protein and prepare the four finished plates for the judges with an additional 10 minutes service window for plating and service and 10 minutes to clean up their station. Points will be deducted for going over stated time frames.
• There will be two rounds of three competitors and a final round for the winners of round 1 and 2 to determine the final winner.
• Sous Chef Competitors will be evaluated based upon their Organizational Skills: sanitation and work habits, utilization of ingredients, use of allotted time, Cooking Skills and Culinary Techniques: creativity, and craftsmanship, serving and portion size, Taste: flavor and texture, ingredient compatibility, nutritional balance and presentation.

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