6.9-raw-honeyMy Indiana Food Memory: Indiana Honey

By Rocky Walls | August 20, 2013

Pork tenderloins, corn on the cob, and honey! Wait, honey? Okay fine, so Indiana isn’t known for honey. In fact, honey is produced in every state in the U.S. and the top producing states are North and South Dakota – you knew that right?

But, that’s kind of what makes honey so special. It’s produced everywhere – 2.68 million honey producing colonies across the U.S. to put a finer point on it. And one of those colonies is managed by beekeeper David Barrickman of Wildflower Ridge Honey in Anderson, Ind. Dig IN has purchased honey from Wildflower Ridge Honey for the chefs this year. We usually pick up a jar of honey at the local farmers market from Martinsville-based Hunter’s Honey Farm.

So why am I so sweet on honey? Because I use it as an ingredient in so many of my family’s favorite snacks and meals including these chewy granola bars. I love the unmistakable flavor honey brings to the table along with its sweetness, even if it’s just a spoonful in a cup of hot tea.

Where can we find honey at Dig IN? Great question. Here are three places you can discover Wildflower Ridge’s raw honey playing a supporting, but very important role while you drink and dine at Dig IN…

Circle City Sweets will present Honey and Hickory Syrup (from Hickoryworks) Granola with Traders Point Creamery Yogurt, which I personally eat for breakfast regularly. Look for the honey to add sweetness that complements the unmistakable tart-taste of TPC yogurt!

The Loft Restaurant at Traders Point Creamery offers up Beef Pon Haus, Snap Pea Fritter, and Rose Hip-Honey Jam. I’m expecting the honey in the Rose Hip-Honey Jam to provide a melliferous glaze to lovely, fatty scrapple. Pon Haus, or scrapple, is usually a pan-fried mush of pork, flour, and spices. But, apparently the chef at The Loft Restaurant is giving it a go with beef.

Finally, wash it all down with a Strawberry Smoothie from Natural Born Juicers! Honey is an excellent sweetener to use in juices and smoothies!

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