By Libby Simmons, August 23, 2016

Hoosiers from all over the state will be in Indy this weekend to experience 40 dishes from the best chefs and culinary ninjas that Indiana has to offer. In preparation for the festivities this Sunday, we have compiled a few tips on how to conquer Taste of Indiana like a pro. We also asked Dig IN board members and our social media ambassadors for their favorite dishes from years past. Clearly, Nicey Treat’s sweet cream corn popsicle was memorable.


–          Hydrate! It is usually a hot day, so remember to drink water often.

–          Eat a light breakfast. There will be plenty of food. This is not the morning to have the Grand Slam at Denny’s.

–          Read the passport! We created it for a reason – not only to check off which dishes you’ve had, but also to help you plan your day.

–          Wear comfortable shoes. Also, pockets are great for storing your passport while you’re on the move for the next sample.

–          Hats and sunglasses. There will also be plenty of trees to provide some necessary shade.

–          Sunscreen! Yelp is kindly providing complimentary sunscreen to attendees and they will also have red trays available to hold your dish and drink.

–          Allow time to park. Remember the new location this year is Military Park.

–          Ride your bike! Easy parking and a great way to see downtown.

–          Bring extra cash for beer tickets if you’re interested in purchasing a full pour of beer. Water will also be available for $1.

–          Have fun! A lot of hard work goes into making Taste of Indiana a success and our end goal is to not only increase awareness about locally sourced food, but also to host a memorable, fun day.

Favorite dishes from past Taste of Indiana events:

–          Chef Roger Hawkins’ “My Dad’s Sweet Corn Chowder” – Bob Whitt, Board Member

–          Nicey Treat’s Sweet Corn Popsicle – Annie Schmelzer, Board Member

–          Rennie’s Cookies – Kyle Resetarits, Social Media Ambassador

–          Napolese’s Heirloom Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese – Christine Zetzl, Social Media Ambassador

–          Joseph Decuis’ Kobe Beef Sliders, R2GO + R Bistro’s Confit of Chicken Thighs, and Mesh’s Pickled Shrimp with Fried Toast – Lauren Petersen, Social Media Ambassador (It is hard to pick only one!)

–          Nicey Treat’s Sweet Corn Popsicle – Karissa Hulse, Social Media Ambassador

–          Severin Bar’s Cheese and Bacon Grits – Tony Hahn, Board Member

–          Northside Social’s Pancetta Mac and Cheese – Libby Simmons, Board Member

– Oakleys Bistro’s Red Chile Duck and Masa Pancake, Smoking Goose’s Smoked Beef Sammy’s, and J.Fords’ Oriental Steamed Buns with Pickled Chilies, Honey Ginger Scallion Mayo and Cilantro Greens – Allison Fisher, Social Media Ambassador

There will be a lot of new dishes to try this year including Cerulean’s Bacon Wrapped Pork Belly, Delicia’s Latin Shrimp and Grits, Story Inn’s Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blue Cheese, Duo’s Summer Minestrone, and so much more!