Event Date: Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Event Time: 11am-4pm, load in between 7am and 10am

Location: Historic Military Park, Downtown Indianapolis

The Taste of Indiana event is NOT A FUNDRAISER. The festival serves as a promotion of restaurants who use local ingredients, as well as value added producers, breweries, and wineries that operate within the state of Indiana. Our goals are to educate consumers on what grows in our state, who the farmers are, and what restaurants are using local. The event is an opportunity for you to market yourself, and we try to help by defraying your cost.

Chef/Restaurant/Food Truck Vendors

  1. Participants are asked to bring a dish in which the majority of ingredients are grown in Indiana. For instance, dishes featuring tropical fruits or relying heavily on citrus and avocado would not qualify.
    1. A main Indiana ingredient will be sourced and provided for you. The ingredients are available on the registration form on a first come, first served basis. We limit the amount of protein so that we can showcase fruits, vegetables, and value added products like maple syrup and cheese.
    2. Additional pantry ingredients can be ordered through a list that we provide to you from Piazza Produce. We may also be able to locate additional product through a partnership with Purdue University this year.
    3. The amount of ingredients provided will be based on the overall budget, and depending on your main ingredient and quantity. Dig IN staff will work with you on the amounts we can provide.
    4. Recommendations:
      1. Make the dish simple to plate and prepare. Less steps and minimal on site cooking are recommended.
      2. Use this opportunity to market yourself and your business. Educate the volunteer in front of your tent, have a staff member or yourself stand in front of the table and greet.
  2. The head chef or main personality of the business should attend. Participating businesses will be provided six tickets for the workers staffing your table. These tickets are required for entry.
  3. After you complete the initial registration form, a second form will follow within 2-4 weeks. At this time we will require your additional ingredient order, whether or not you will bring a grill, need electricty, and any other special items. These are required for park layout, distribution of power, and permitting.
  4. Please remember to plan your dish for 2-3 small bites per customer. You should plan to bring about 2000 samples of your product depending on the item. The goal is to expose customers to a wide variety of restaurants and foods.
  5. You will be responsible for obtaining a Marion County Board of Health Temporary License, and to comply with all BOH regulations. The fee is $40. Handwashing stations and soap will be provided in each tent. Please bring gloves, sanitation and all other items needed to comply with the Health Department.
  6. We will supply two 8 foot tables which will be covered with a fitted plastic tablecloth. Vendors will be under tents that are 40×40.
  7. Participants must load in to the park between 7am and 10am, so that the front gates can be closed and prepared for customer entrance. Once the front gates have been closed, it may be impossible to allow participant vehicles to enter the park. Artisan producers can typically load in toward the end of that time frame, since preparation and set up is shorter than that for chefs.
  8. VIP and early admission ticket holders enter the park at 11am. You must be ready to serve at 11am so that these ticket holders get the value of their purchase. Vendors may only leave at 4pm once the festival closes, as vehicles cannot enter the park while customers are present.
  9. We may call upon you for promotional or marketing opportunities as they arise in relation to Taste of Indiana and Dig IN, INC. If you are interested in providing samples for promotional events or being featured in press PLEASE INDICATE SO ON YOUR REGISTRATION FORM. This agreement gives Dig IN the rights to use the participant’s name, likeness, the business name and logo, and background details as provided for any marketing materials related to this event, including but not limited to use on the world wide web, printed materials, video, press releases, and advertisements. Chef, owner, or management signature indicates they have the right to authorize this use without violation of any employer or other agreement already in place.
  10. Indemnification: To the fullest extent permitted by law, Participant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Dig IN, Inc, its agents, officers and employees from all claims and suits, including court costs, attorneys’ fees and other expenses caused by the act or omission of Participant, its subcontractors or employees, if any, in the performance of this Agreement.
  11. Insurance: Participant shall maintain, at its own expense, such insurance as will protect it from claims under worker’s compensation acts and from claims for damages because of bodily injury, property damage, products and completed operations liability, and professional liability which may in any way arise out of or be in any remote or proximate manner connected with the performance of this Agreement, whether such claim arises out of the act or failure to act of Participant, Dig IN or any officer, agent, appointee, employee, or subcontractor of either of them.