by Erin Till, September 17th, 2014


Have you heard of the highly-celebrated Decker melon? It’s not an actual variety, but rather a muskmelon named after the tiny town where it’s grown. Decker, Indiana (population 250!) is in Knox County, near the western border of the state. This town is famous for producing the most sought-after melon the summer has to offer.


Decker melons are some of the sweetest, most fragrant, and juiciest melons you may ever taste. The skin is satiny smooth, and the flesh is a tender, pale orange. The melons are laden with an unbelievable amount of juice; cutting one up can be a very messy endeavor!


Decker melons can generally be found at stores all throughout Indiana, from grocery stores to fruit stands. Keep your eye out for them at your local store or farmer’s market for the next few weeks. Make sure to snatch one up if you see them, and have some napkins handy!