By: Meggie Dials, August 7, 2014

Failing to plan, means planning to fail. With A Taste of Indiana less than two weeks away, it’s time to get serious.

  • First, buy your tickets. If you missed your chance at VIP, which is sold out, it’s because you didn’t plan. Fret not, my dear foodies…. General Admission and Early Entry are still available. Don’t delay.
  • Next, think through the logistics.
    • Where will you park? There is garage parking at the Senate Avenue Parking Garage (between New York St. & Ohio St.), but if the weather is nice, why not park a little closer to downtown and further from the action, and bike your way in via the Indy Bike Share program? Work up an appetite while taking an adorable selfie on one of those yellow beauties. (Make sure to tag it #DigIN2014)
    • What will you wear? Normally, it’s pretty warm on DigIN day so you’ll want to be comfortable. Men, we love your pink and light blue buttondown oxfords but the minute we see those sweat stains, all fashion goes out the window. Consider a comfy teeshirt paired with some non-cargo shorts and Toms or Sperrys. Women, I love myself a good maxi dress which is great for the BikeShare! Avoid tanlines by wearing sunscreen, not by wearing a tube top and keep your feet from hurting by wearing comfy flats. Though I rarely go anywhere without a heel, Sunday August 17th is an exception. You’ll be walking through grass and standing in line….save your feet! Hats, cross-body purses and sunglasses are encouraged.
    • Do you have cash? Though your ticket may cover your food, when you want that extra beverage, the cash line is almost always shorter than the credit card one.
    • Is your phone fully charged? We all want to see the Instagrams and tweets of what you’re eating. Also, you don’t want to be left at 0% when your friend asks to take a picture of you two sipping a cider with the Indy skyline behind you.
    • When is the last time you ate? If you gorged out on a Kentucky Hot Brown or Denny’s Grand Slam for breakfast, you’re going to be too full to try everything. And trust me, you want to try everything!
  • Speaking of food….let’s get strategic: Familiarize yourself with what restaurants and chefs will be at DigIN so you can map out your route. The later you go, the longer the lines so be sure prioritize what food you are most excited about. When you arrive, you’ll be handed your food “passport” with a map to all the deliciousness awaiting you. Take a moment to customize your food journey so you can get a taste of all your favorites.
  • Don’t be afraid of what I like to call a Digest Rest. Find a shaded spot to sip on your beverage and let the food settle before going back for more. How often do you get to spend all day in a gorgeous park with wonderful people eating the best Indy has to offer? Enjoy it. Like your wedding day, it will be over before you know it so don’t forget to stop and savor the moment.
  • Plan to relax. This isn’t a TSA security line or a clearance sale at Vera Bradley. If there are lines it’s because the food is worth waiting for. Talk to your neighbor, make friends, take pictures. Make each bite last. Plan to be patient.

It’s one of the most wonderful days of the year….plan to make the most of every minute!