By Rob Gaston, November 4, 2015

Are you a food photographer? No, I don’t mean professionally. Are you the kind of person who whips out your cell phone when your server puts the plate in front of you? Or finds snapping shots of beautiful booths at the Farmers Market a favorite pastime?

Here at Dig IN we can’t get around the state every week to capture all the eye candy happening with local Indiana food, but we’d like to promote the great things happening in Terre Haute, Valparaiso, Fort Wayne, and everywhere in between. We’d love to Instagram, Facebook, and Tweet up your photos of food from around the state, and give you the credit!

If you’d like to contribute, send your pics to, making sure they feature the #INseason ingredient that is currently being promoted. For the next two weeks we’ll be covering all kinds of apples…from farmstands to farmers markets, your homemade recipe or favorite restaurant’s dish, send us your apple shots and we’ll pick and post from the best!



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