By Ryan Puckett | July 18, 2013

Dig IN, A Taste of Indiana will once again celebrate the farm-to-fork experience on Sunday, August 25 at White River State Park. As Dig IN prepares for its fourth year, the event is still evolving, which may prompt one to ask, “What’s new at Dig IN this year?”

First is its leader – Rob Gaston became the new executive director of Dig IN earlier in 2013. Gaston loves that Dig IN has been able to increase the visibility of local food, the people who provide it and the people who serve it.

“I’m excited about Dig IN’s ability to have an impact on the farm-to-fork community and to be able to communicate that to the general public,” said Gaston. “Dig IN shows people how rewarding (and tasty) being involved in the local food movement can be.”

More Variety

There will be a more balanced menu at this year’s Dig IN, especially in the “protein delights”. What people might not know is that Dig IN purchases all of the food from the farmers and food producers that are used in the tastings served at the festival.

“Instead of asking the chefs what they want to use, we’re telling them what we have available to source and what cuts are available as well,” said Gaston.

Gaston says that will mean a greater variety in the dishes at Dig IN and that folks won’t see several chefs using the same ingredients.

Enhanced Experience for All

For this year’s Dig IN, Gaston says the festival is reducing the total number of tickets and making a few other tweaks in order to enhance the experience of all guests. This year, purchased tickets will be capped at 4,000.

Water will be more accessible at Dig IN this year with better signage too. There will also be more beverage items available for purchase in addition to the selections of wine and beer.

And the last major change to Dig IN 2013 is the all-new VIP Experience ticket. VIPs can enter the festival at 11:00 a.m. (one hour before general admission patrons). The VIP tent will have Chefs Neal Brown (from The Libertine, Pizzology and Dig IN co-founder) and Greg Hardesty (of Recess, Room Four) for a special session.

“The VIP ticket is for people who really want a more intimate experience,” explains Gaston. “It’s for hardcore foodies who want to be there with two of the top chefs in the city and to be able to listen to them as they go through their dish and hear about their philosophy regarding local food.”

Also in the VIP tent, some of the breweries and wineries at Dig IN will serve reserve items from their cellars for limited tastings. And to top off the real luxury treatment, VIPs will have access to Cadillac-level, climate-controlled restrooms.

To experience all that’s new (and all that’s familiar) at Dig IN, visit the ticketing page and choose the ticket level that fits your interest and budget. And for a limited time, all tickets are $10 off – in other words, you can enjoy a feast of local food, drink and a good times for as little as $30 per person.